Home Remedies for Pimples and ACNE

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Home Remedies for PimplesBest Home Remedies for Pimples

Everybody is at risk for pimples or acne, be it a man, woman, or child; since nobody wants to go out in public with an unsightly blemish, the choices are either spend money on expensive product or try one of many home remedies for acne. There are many options on the market for those looking for a quick fix but many home solutions can be just as fast and cost hundreds of dollars less over time. When looking at a home remedy however, it is important to discern between remedies that work and ones that are simply just old wives tales.

To begin with, a basic understanding of the cause of acne and pimples must be discussed. Pimples, or zits as they are also known, are nothing more than an elevation of the skin due to inflammation and are commonly associated with acne. However, even those who do not suffer from acne can be the unfortunate recipient of a pimple from time to time. The base cause of a pimple is a blocked hair follicle, which causes an inflammation of the skin around the site, and if the obstruction is not removed in a timely manner, an abundance of P. Acnes bacteria develops. The outside observer will notice this has happened by the stereotypical elevated red bump at the site of infection. Blockages of these hair follicles can come from a variety of sources including creams, makeup, or even sweat. An improper diet has been suggested to lead to the growth of pimples, which is yet another reason to ensure proper dietary habits as well as general hygiene.

Home Remedies for Pimples and ACNE

Now that the basic causes have been discussed, some simple home remedies to figure out how to get rid of pimples must be examined. A simple and easy to come by remedy for eliminating pimples is lemon juice. Due to acid contained within lemon juice, this common food can be used to help dissolve the substance blocking the pore and causing the inflammation. Simply extract the juice of a lemon or purchase a small quantity of lemon juice and mix with an equal amount of rose water. Apply the mixture to the pimple and allow it to sit for approximately thirty minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and repeat approximately once a day for one and half to two weeks. This simple remedy will also help reduce spots and scarring.

Another very affordable remedy to answer the question of how to reduce spots is the usage of Tea Tree oil. This tree, known as Melaleuca Alternifoliais and native to Australia produces oil that can be a relatively cheap and effective remover of pimples. Not only is this a simple home remedy, but today many dermatologists are recommending this oil for treatment of their patients as an alternative to harsh facial cleaners. The scientific community especially has latched onto the idea of using the oil produced by this tree and as such, there is a substantial amount of evidence to support the acne fighting effects these oils can have. Essentially, the acne fighting ingredient in the oil a bacteria reducing substance called Terpenes, which is fully capable of completely killing or eliminating the P. Acnes bacteria. Very few people ever end up reporting side effects from the use of this oil.

Home remedies for acne are not simply limited to the two listed here, and many more can be found by doing some simple research. Before choosing any course of action however, careful thought and research should be given to the supposed remedy before applying. Regardless, except for extreme cases there is usually very little need for expensive and possibly damaging professional cleansers for acne.


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