Scabies Transmission: General Information

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Scabies transmission can be easy. To understand more how easy it can happen, you need the correct information about this particular skin condition. Scabies is an infestation on the human skin by the human itch mite called Sarcoptes Scabiei var hominis. This mites burrows into the upper layer of the human skin and it lays its eggs there. The eggs hatch and symptoms like intense itching and skin rash that look like pimples appear. The mites cannot be transmitted in the air. The mites cannot also live outside the surface of the human skin for a prolonged period of time. You cannot get scabies by sitting on a chair that has been used by an infected person.

Scabies Transmission

 Scabies can affect all classes of people and it is found in different parts of the world. It is not something that is peculiar to a certain area in the world. You must be aware that scabies transmission can be faster in crowded areas. A favorite place would be prisons, nursing homes, child care facilities and even classrooms. It is spread rapidly when there is close body and skin contact. If this happens, the chances of getting the scabies mite can be high. A direct and prolonged skin to skin contact with an infected person can be dangerous. You will surely get the scabies mites. But since there is an incubation period you may not notice it right away.

 If you have never experienced scabies infection before, it may take from 4 to 6 weeks for the symptoms like skin itching to appear. The dangerous thing is that even if a person does not show the symptoms yet, scabies can still be spread during this time. However, if you have had a scabies infection before, symptoms can show up in a matter of days. It can manifest in just 1 to 4 days after the infection. The most common of the symptoms are intense itching (referred sometimes as pruritus) that attacks at night when the upper layer of the human skin begins to be warm.

 Scabies transmission does not happen with a quick handshake or a quick hug. The contact must be direct and prolonged and must be a skin-to-skin contact. Although not all medical practitioners agree to this observation, some believe that scabies can be indirectly spread by sharing things like towels, beddings or clothing. As far as adults are concerned, scabies can be transmitted sexually. If your sexual partner has scabies, you can get the infection 100 percent. Children or older individuals can easily get scabies if their immune system is low.

 In the event an individual experiences scabies transmission, the best thing to do is to consult a doctor. Early detection and early treatment is always the best option. The mite infection can be easily cured but it may take some time to eradicate all the mites in a person’s upper skin. If you are not careful, a second infection may occur. It is best to avoid individuals who have scabies and avoid crowded places where the scabies mite may be plentiful.


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