Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You

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You are wondering whether a guy is attracted you or not? And you want to know the truth around this. So let’s take a look at the following signs a guy is attracted to you, then you will know exactly who is interested in you now.

Signs A Guy Is Attracted To You

 Looking: Ok, if a guy is attracted to you, he will look at you frequently. You can more than one time catch him checking you out, either directly or on the sly. Sometimes you’ll feel him looking at you, but when you look at him, you will find him turn away. So if you find him looking at you one time, it is a potential sign of interest. And if you find this two or more, it is definite that he likes you.

  1. Eye contact: I contact is one of the most effective signs of body language in various situations, and this case of a guy likes you or not is not an exception. Normally, people only look at things that interest them. Similarly, they don’t look at what doesn’t interest them. So if a guy often make eye contact with you, it is true that he is attracted to you.
  2. Proximity: If you suddenly start paying more attention to a guy around more often, he may feel interested. He may want to show up to you. He may appear at your Starbucks because he saw you there in the morning, or he might pass by you often if at a bar or the gym. He is in hope of meeting you. So if you see these signs, you are probably the person to whom he is waiting for permission to talk.
  3. Wish to talk. If he’s attracted you, he’ll definitely want to talk. He’ll turn toward you, listen carefully, ask you about yourself, and share you about himself too. He will always look so interested, and he may raise his eyebrows or even smile. On the other hand, uninterested man will seem to be bored, say little, look around frequently, turn his body away from you (as if he’s looking to leave), or show have a flat expression like he’s only listening to be polite.
  4. Ok, if a guy is interested to you, he will sometimes brush lint off his shirt, run hands through his hair, adjust his tie. He is unconsciously trying to make himself look as good as possible.
  5. Some signs of nervousness such as look for fidgeting, stuttering, clearing his throat, or blushing may be reliable sign that a guy really likes you. Men are often nervous on some level when talking to a woman they like, even if they are able to hide it.

Ok, here are five out of dozen signs which show you that a guy is attracted to you. Although they cannot be everything, they are the most basic thing for you to come to the final conclusion whether he likes you or not. So are you ready to start the journey to find out who really like you?


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